Our programs

Smart City Observatory

The Smart City Observatory aims to foster public dialogue regarding Smart City’s public policy, as well as the application of Information and Communication Technologies to solve pressing development challenges (ICT4D).



Virtual Internship for low-income students

The Virtual Internship Program seeks to use Information and Communication Technologies  (ICTs) to provide low-income students, interested in the development field, with international professional experience.



Resource Hub

The hub aims to provide free multimedia materials to help low-income students develop the capacities they need to compete for international scholarships.



About us

Educational Services for International Development (ESID) seeks to foster public dialogue regarding the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to build the capacity of organization working on development challenges, to reduce youth unemployment and to advance digital equity in the United States and Latin America.

What we do

ESID provides impact assessment, multimedia packaging, and capacity-building services for local governments, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations. We research and analyze digital equity policies in Latin America and the United States to identify best practices and scalable solutions. Furthermore, ESID designs and manages ICT4D interventions focused on youth employment.

Our Services

Monitoring & Impact Evaluation

Meaningful metrics are fundamental to measuring the social and economic impact of the products and services you provide. Responsive outcome indicators, well-designed logical frameworks and situated data collection tools allow organizations to better allocate resources, increase funding opportunities, and further advance their mission.

Video Storytelling

Videos are powerful tools for social transformation. They tell stories, connect people, promote awareness, empathy, and care. Our team will study your organization to find the right approach to show the world the work you do.

Data Visualization

Data is only useful when it communicates stories and assist in decision making. Our team will study your service delivery process and data collection practices to transform your raw data into management tools and compelling narratives. Contact us to learn more about how your initiative could benefit from data visualization tools.

Outreach for Social Justice

Social change requires permanent advocacy and strategic outreach. Stories need to be told, best practices should be shared and reports must be accesible. Our team will assess your organization’s media and design appropriate outreach strategies.



Sustainable Fundraising

Strong relationships with foundations, government representatives and private companies as well as alternative business models are vital to secure funding over the long term. Our team will identify key metrics about your organizations impact, research potential funders, write outcome-focused applications for specific grants and explore alternative business models to diversify your revenue sources.

Web & Media Development

Your website should be responsive to your mission and to the services you provide. Whether you build it  from scratch or using a template for any Content Management System (CMS), your content should lead the design. Our team will explore how to best integrate your content and services with the online presence you require.


To design scalable and inclusive solutions to development challenges using Information and Communication Technologies.

Our objectives

Institutional Capacity Building

Provide local governments, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations with monitoring and evaluation (M&E), media packaging, and capacity building services to increase the impact of their initiatives.

Digital Equity

Advance digital equity in the US and Latin America by providing local governments with high-quality research and public policy analysis on the applications of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D).

Youth Employment

Reduce youth unemployment in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States by designing experiential learning initiatives for low income students, such as: virtual internships and exchange programs.