Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero 
Executive Director

Oscar Romero is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Educational Services for International Development (ESID). He manages day-to-day operations and oversees the development of ESID’s programs and partnerships.

Before founding ESID, Oscar worked in international cooperation for higher education institutions and international development organizations. He has designed development initiatives for large student communities (+100,000) in the US and Latin America. His academic research focused on digital equity, cyber-geopolitics and IT public policy has been presented and published in Costa Rica, Germany, México and the US.

Oscar holds a M.A. in International Affairs from The New School and a B.S. in International Studies from the University of Guadalajara. He is an active member of the Research Network on Autonomous Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently he is researching the impact on inequality of Smart City Interventions across the US, and is interested in collaborating with development organizations to promote dialogue and research on IT public policy.

Email: oscar.romero@esid.org.mx


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So @thoughtsbysef & I sent some concepts to @sxsw for @NYC_CTO! We're interested in unpacking tension b/w top-down vs. grassroots innovation planning. We also want to share how we partner on this work w/ shoestring budgets. Help us!

The power of social networks doesn’t lie in the mediums, but in people’s ability to deconstruct their purpose,and make it useful.

We are not hopeless. We connect. We communicate. We endure.

Gavin Huang (黄藹禧)@GavinHuang

So it’s come to this—I’m getting protest info on Tinder

I’m Mexican. I’m American. I’m a New Yorker, and I refuse to be afraid of who I am.

Mr. President, your racist rhetoric doesn’t represent our nation. https://t.co/hB2FBnjASf

Toni Morrison on “the work you do” a must to remember who we are. 👇 https://t.co/Om5Jk51K0U

There is no excuse or explanation that can bring back what has been lost, but there are many policies that can stop these tragedies from happening again.

We need gun control now.

“Texas Walmart shooting: El Paso mourns its shattered innocence” https://t.co/vyY7ltMrz4

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