Virtual Internship Program

About the Virtual Internships

The Virtual Internship Program seeks to use Information and Communication Technologies  (ICTs) to provide low-income students, interested in the development field, with international professional experience.

This program has been developed with the support of the following organizations:



Advance Development Work

Support the development work of nonprofits, government institutions and the private sector by providing educational experience for senior students.

Provide International Experience

Provide international professional experience to low income students who cannot afford to participate in traditional international exchange programs.


Reduce Youth Unemployment

Reduce unemployment of low income students in Latin American by providing professional experience and a portfolio in the development field.

Replicable solutions

Generate a replicable methodology that higher education institutions can adopt and include in their international cooperation strategies.

Program design process

Virtual Internship Program

Benefits of the Virtual Internship Program

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Contact us and learn more about our programs and initiatives. We are always exploring new forms to collaborate with myriad organizations that share our mission. We work tirelessly to create new content for students interested in the development field. Please explore our resource hub and keep posted for call for applications.

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